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War Memorial

 Cllr Dawson tried to find all the names of those who fell in the First World War in order to put on a plaque on the War Memorial.   The names he found are those present on the plaques in St Aidan’s church and also in the community centre.  See below.

These plaques had only names from Framwellgate Moor and Pity Me – the War Graves Commission website gave lots of interesting extra details which he used to verify the names.  He also discovered someone from Brasside who he added to the list.

He decided that as he could only find initials for some forenames that all names should be presented in that way.

He has found a lot of notes about various people mentioned, but sadly not for all of them.  This is an ongoing process and once completed will be uploaded onto the website.

This will be easier for the WW1 names as they are publicly available, but the WW2 names fall foul of the “100 year rule” with respect to publication.

If you have any information that you could share with the Parish Council about any members of your family who served in either war, please contact the Parish Clerk or Cllr Dawson.  

 The Parish Council are in the process of acquiring the land from Durham County Council and will make this area into a much more attractive area.