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The Clerk to the council and members of the council are working hard to ensure that Framwellgate Moor Parish Council is up to date and compliant with the GDPR rules which come into force on 25th May 2018.

We will only use data to contact residents in the parish that they have provided for that purpose:

For example by sending an email to a parish email address  so that we can respond to their enquiry,

or by writing a letter with their name and address,

or by giving us a contact telephone number.

We will only use the information to address matters arising from the correspondence or call.

Councillors will only share that information with other members and officials of the council,

Data will be stored on password protected IT equipment.

Hard copy will be stored securely in secure storage.

We will only keep the data for one year since the data was last used.

Councillors will use Framwellgate Moor Parish Council email addresses (which will be published shortly) to carry out Parish council business.