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We would like to thank Durham Tees Valley Probation Trust for their continued support and assistance in recent projects. The partnership that we have been able to forge with the Probation Trust has lasted many years and it has enabled the Parish to undertake a variety of projects in the local area. It is a great testament to the Probation Trust that we still share a positive and strong relationship to this day.

Our excellent relationship with the Probation Trust service has enabled us to continue working with the probation Trust have helped us with a variety of projects, whether it is their continued help with the maintenance of projects across the councils service, working in conjunction with our local green keeper Brian, to whom we are extremely grateful, or their support on one off projects. In recent times they have helped us with the construction of the footpath from the Pavilion building to the football pitch on the KGV site, as well as the creation of the infrastructure for the Christmas tree. Finally, again we would like to thank them and look forward to working with them in the future.